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Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Guide Position

Thank you for your interest in joining Whale Watch Vallarta as a Whale Watching Guide for the 2016/2017 Whale Watching Season. The following job description is intended to give you a general overview of the requirements related to all aspects of the position. All Guides must be fluent in English and Spanish.

However, above all other prerequisites, we require our Staff to be flexible, able to adjust to changing conditions at a moments notice, be outgoing and friendly and have a true desire to share their passion and knowledge of the Whales and other Marine Life we encounter on our Whale Watching tours.

We are a small family run business with a very loyal following and very highly reviewed company in Puerto Vallarta. We are looking for Staff that desire work in a fun, friendly environment with an emphasis on customer service and responsible tourism.

Whale Watching Guide Overview

The full time positions begin December 1st, 2016 and end March 23rd, 2017. There may be some freelance work just before and after the season available, depending on demand.

The Mexican workweek is 6 days per week. Our day begins at 8:30am and typically concludes by 5:30pm. We endeavor to ensure each Guide the same day off per week for planning purposes.

Each Guide may lead up to 2 of our 3.0 hour tours per day, sometimes less, depending on how many reservations we have.

We follow all Mexican labor laws and require all of our Staff (foreign nationals as well) to also follow Mexican labor laws. Work permits, immigration fees and taxes may apply – we can discuss these details during the interview/Skype.

Guide Position Duties

Guides are expected to educate, inform, and monitor all passengers during our 3.0-hour tours.

Presenting information on all marine species we may encounter including but not limited to; whale species (Humpback Whale, Bottlenose Dolphin, Spotted Dolphin & possibly Sperm Whale, Bryde’s Whale, Orca, False Orca) marine birds, Sea Turtles, Manta Rays and the Bay of Banderas general ecology.

As well our Guides must be aware of the Mexican Whale watching guidelines, responsible interaction between the boats and marine life.

Be able to discuss the history and importance of Whale watching to Whale Conservation and local conservation initiatives and projects.

Guide is also the acting First Mate on the vessel, responsible to help the Captain in any way.

Some hours will also be spent working on the Humpback Photo ID Project and the Responsible Whale Watching Tourism Project.

Guide Work Ethics

• Be at work promptly, already having eaten, in clean and presentable work clothes.
• Ensure your camera and hydrophone are ready and in proper working order.
• Meet and greet Guests, make them feel welcome
• Give a pre-tour briefing (detailed during training week).
• Assist Guests with lifejackets and rain ponchos.
• Accompany Guests to the boat and assist Guests onto the boat.
• Give a boat safety and enjoyment briefing (detailed during training week).
• Narrate tour and take photos of the Whales and other Marine Life encountered on the tour.
• Ensure all Guests are comfortable and safe while enjoying their experience. Ensure Guests are informed about ‘what is happening’ on the tour.
• Ensure correct contact information to email DropBox link to the tour photos, assist Guests with any purchases or reservations for more tours.
• Thank the Guests for joining WWV and distribute WWV business cards, suggest Guests join us on Facebook, etc.

Guide Position Prerequisites

1. Background in Natural Sciences preferred. Studies in marine biology, geology, cetaceans, marine mammals, general ecology, and ornithology are preferred fields of study
2. Working knowledge of boats, and experience working on open water
3. 21 yrs or older, college education preferred with a background in marine sciences, biology, zoology, and outdoor education are all strong prerequisites
4. Familiarity with the Mexican Whale Watching Guidelines.
5. Guide is expected to keep their self up to date on emerging science, knowledge and situations related to Whales, their biology and current conservation issues.


1. People oriented, strong communication/public speaking skills, education experience or background are all characteristics we look for
2. Strong work ethic and team-oriented skills are a must
3. Must enjoy educating diverse audiences about wildlife and other subjects


1. Able to work long hours – 10 hours/daily 50+ hours/weekly
2. Physically fit and able to be on your feet during a full days work
3. Able to lift 50lbs comfortably and up to 80lbs with the help of a coworker
4. Able to work effectively with others, with strong team working abilities


1. Must adhere to company dress code
2. Must have current first aid and CPR certification
3. Local cell phone
4. E-mail address and check email daily
5. Non-smoker (cannot smoke around Guests)

Rewards and Benefits

• Base salary plus per tour commission, plus good tips (90% of the WWV Guests are from the USA – tips are split 50/50 with Boat Captains).
• Work in a world-class, outdoor marine environment with fun, caring people.
• Discounted whale watching tours on a “space available” basis for family, and friends.

Above everything else, WWV is a small; family owned and run Whale Watching Company. We love what we do, we are proud of the quality of the tours we offer our Guests.

We are interested in hiring ‘The Right Person’ to work with us, not just filling a space on a roster.

Everyone who has ever worked for WWV has come back each year to rejoin our Team of dedicated professionals. We have all become life long friends and if we are to offer you a position working with us, it will be with the hopes that you will become a life long friend as well.

Please submit a current C.V. with a recent profile photo and at least 3 work related references – in English – with the subject: ‘Whale Watch Vallarta Guide Position’ to janneke@WhaleWatchCabo.com

Even though we are a Mexican company, over 90% of our Guests are English speakers and therefore, English is the most important language you will need to be able to communicate effectively in.