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Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta with Whale Watch Vallarta and our expert team of Elisa and Trevor offers a unique experience for whale watching tours in Vallarta. How is what Whale Watch Vallarta offers different when it comes to whale watching in Puerto Vallarta?

We started with the Staff and Owners. Whale Watch Vallarta was founded by Marine Biologists, Naturalists, Professional Photographers and Marine Wildlife Conservationists as an alternative to the standard whale watching tours offered by the ...

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whale watching season puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season

Welcome to the 2014/5 Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season! This is the Whale Watch Vallarta Trip Review Roundup for our December 2014 tours, sightings and reports. What a great start to the season it has been as well. Not only have we encountered numerous Humpback Whales on every tour we have also been visited by the resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins on almost every tour as well.

The Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season begins each year on ...

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puerto vallarta whale watch tour 2014

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours

The Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours season is just a few weeks away from its official launch on December 8, 2014! While Whale Watch Vallarta and our wonderful Guests have been keeping the amazing resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins company here in Puerto Vallarta, we have certainly been missing the Humpback Whales!

The highlight of our Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours is encounters with the population of Humpback Whales that returns each year to the Bay of ...

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whale watching reviews puerto vallarta mexico

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Reviews

Puerto Vallarta Whale watching reviews for the month of February, 2014. The 2014 Vallarta Whale watching season has been really wonderful with many amazing encounters with the Humpback Whales that call Puerto Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas home each year during the Whale watching season from December through March. Whale Watch Vallarta is pleased to offer the month of February wrapped up in our Puerto Vallarta Whale watching review.

To review the basics, the Humpbacks return ...

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Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours

The 2014 season for Puerto Vallarta Whale watching tours has now been underway for about a month – time for an update! It has been a wonderful start to Whale Watch Vallarta’s first season of whale and dolphin encounter tours departing from Nuevo Vallarta. While Whale Watch Vallarta is new, our Biologist Guides have a combined 18 seasons of leading Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours. We are sure you will find our guides knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are ...

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humpback whale watching puerto vallarta mexcio

Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season Begins!

The 2014 Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season has begun with numerous wonderful encounters and excited Whale watching guests treated to the amazing displays of the Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins that call Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, home at this time of the year. We hope you will join us to celebrate the Humpbacks incredible journey during the 2014 Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season.

Whale Watch Vallarta is a new Whale watching company focusing on small group Vallarta Whale ...

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