February 2016 Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tour Review

Whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta this past February 2016 we filled with unexpected highlights and unusual circumstances affecting the Humpback Whale sightings in the bay. This is the Whale watching tour review for February 2016 for Whale Watch Vallarta. We hope that reading about the sightings, species and monthly reviews may help our Whale watching enthusiast Guests understand more about the Whales, Dolphins and all the amazing Marine Wildlife we encounter here in Puerto Vallarta.

To review February 2016 Whale watching tour sightings here in Puerto Vallarta we first have to consider how the affect El Nino and the warmer surface waters have been changing the environmental conditions for the Whales and Dolphins. These warmer seas have been changing everything from plankton bloom to migrations of the Humpbacks. So far this season we have seen fewer Humpback Whales in the bay, while at the same time we have seen more species of Dolphins than in years past.

What has this meant tour our Whale watching tours – mostly just that we have to go further to encounter the Whales. Of course this is not an issue for us, our focus is to ensure the best possible tours and encounters for our Guests. We love sharing these encounters with our Guests and we don’t mind a few extra challenges – we are dealing with nature of course!

But…we did finally have some tours that did not see Humpback Whales…of course we have a Sightings Guarantee – so we took everyone who could come back out to give it another try! At this point in time though we are considering what the rest of the season will bring in terms of sightings of Whales in the bay. We may be closing our tours down before the official end of the Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season – March 23, if we cannot reliably encounter Whales.

These are the sightings we have had here in Puerto Vallarta for the month of February 2016. Giant Manta Rays have been much more common this month than in years before – another affect of El Nino?

  • Humpback Whales – 91%
  • Bottlenose Dolphins – 94%
  • Pantropical Spotted Dolphins – 37%
  • Giant Manta Rays – 28%
  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtles – 32%

So that is the Whale watching tour review for 2016 for Whale Watch Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta. We would like to express our thanks to all of our wonderful Guests who joined our small group Whale Watching tours in February. We have had an amazing month of encounters with a variety of Marine Wildlife here in Puerto Vallarta. We would also like to thank the Guests who shared the experience on our tours reviewing us on our Facebook and Trip Advisor pages. Being the only dedicated Whale watching company in Nuevo Vallarta we are small by definition and word of mouth recommendations really are appreciated!