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Whale & Dolphin Conservation in Puerto Vallarta

Environmental Stewardship is a core value at Whale Watch Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas the worlds seas in general have massive demands being placed upon them. As stewards of the Bay of Banderas we are actively working to protect the marine ecosystem we love.

Whale Watch Vallarta is owned and staffed by Whale Biologists who consider conservation and research an integral part of a sustainable whale and dolphin encounter organization. Done in the right way, encountering Whales and Dolphins can lead to life enriching experiences, but these encounters must be properly managed to avoid damaging what we are so blessed to encounter.

At Whale Watch Vallarta, we endeavor to give something back to the whales through responsible encounter practices, informative tours and donating our efforts to whale and dolphin research and conservation projects.

Support Whale Conservation

There are a number of ways you show your support for whale conservation initiatives. The public forum, especially social marketing can be a good tool for information dissemination and online petitions do influence the Governments, and groups like the IWC. If we can offer any advice, always be polite but firm in your resolve.
One of the best things you can do is go whale watching or on WILD dolphin tours! This not only increases the value of live whales and dolphins, but allows biologists, naturalists, and researchers access to study these same whales and dolphins.

Whale Watch Vallarta Conservation Initiatives

Whale Watch Vallarta’s approach to Whale and Dolphin Conservation is to focus on the beauty and value of our oceans biodiversity and health. We present what our Biologists are working towards in support of long term protection for whales, dolphins and cetaceans all over the world. Our biologist staff are currently collecting images to document the individual whales and dolphins encountered by our guests on our tours.

This is a long standing project supported by the various responsible Whale and wild Dolphin tour operators in Puerto Vallarta. Using high resolution digital images of the whales flukes and dolphins dorsal fins we can identify individuals. This information is being added into a database that allows us to gain further insight into the lives of Dolphins and Whales without harassment, capture or imprisonment.

We thank you for taking the time to read through our page on whale and dolphin conservation and we hope you will join us for some inspiring and wonderful days visiting the amazing whales and dolphins here in the Bay of Banderas.