Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours

The Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours season is just a few weeks away from its official launch on December 8, 2014! While Whale Watch Vallarta and our wonderful Guests have been keeping the amazing resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins company here in Puerto Vallarta, we have certainly been missing the Humpback Whales!

The highlight of our Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tours is encounters with the population of Humpback Whales that returns each year to the Bay of Banderas here in Puerto Vallarta.

As you may know, Humpback Whales come to mate and give birth in tropical areas of the worlds oceans, while they feed in the cooler waters to the North (in the case of the Puerto Vallarta Humpback population). So each Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Tour season we carefully watch and listen for news of the beginning of the Humpback Whale Migration.

The Humpback Whale Migration takes them from their feeding grounds between Alaska and California down past Cabo San Lucas of the Baja and across to the Bay of Banderas where Puerto Vallarta hosts a growing population of some 800+ individuals over the Puerto Vallarta Whale Watch Season.

Exciting news from our sister Whale Watching Company in Cabo San Lucas – Whale Watch Cabo – as this last week a number of Humpback Whales have already been spotted! This is quite early in the Whale Watching Season, but as this is an ‘El Nino’ year, Marine Wildlife can be quite unpredictable.

In preparation for the Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season our Guides shall continue to monitor the progression of the Humpback Whale migration to Puerto Vallarta and we shall continue to make posts on our Facebook Page to keep our Guests up to date with the different species we are seeing at this point in the season, while we are offering our Wild Dolphin Encounter Tours.

While we have not encountered any Humpback Whales yet, and don’t expect to for several more weeks, other than our resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins our Wild Dolphin Encounter Tours have also seen; Manta Rays, Spotted Dolphins, Bryde’s Whales and numerous Sea Turtles and Sea Birds.

So for now, we shall endeavour to keep you up to date on the coming Whale Watching Season and Puerto Vallarta’s Whale Watching Tours for 2014 with our Marine Biologist Guides at Whale Watch Vallarta! It’s time to start the excitement growing for the new season!