Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Trip Advisor Award

Whale Watch Vallarta is very excited to announce that for the year 2015 Trip Advisor has awarded us the Certificate of Excellence based on our guests whale watching trip reviews. Our most sincere thanks and appreciation to all of our guests who not only chose us to go whale watching with, but who also took the time to share their experience on Trip Advisor. We know how valuable our guests time is when on vacation so we do our best to ensure all our guests a wonderful experience whale watching here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Whale Watch Vallarta is still a new company even though our Partner and Guide, Elisa, has over 10 years working with the cetaceans here in Puerto Vallarta. It is her knowledge, experience, dedication and passion for the Whales and Dolphins that she brings to all of her tours that really earned us this Trip Advisor award. So to our fellow partner Elisa we would like to express our own gratitude for her exceptional efforts to make Whale Watch Vallarta the premium whale watching expeirence.

To visitors thinking to join us here in Puerto Vallarta for Whale Watching Tours I hope you will consider all the many ways that Elisa and Whale Watch Vallarta make meeting the wonderful Whales a premium and special experience.

trip advisor whale watching award puerto vallarta

  • Marine Biologist Guides
  • Sightings Guarantee
  • Small groups of no more than 10 guests
  • Marine Hydrophone to listen to the whales
  • All the tour photos for free
  • Comfy boats with Sun Shade
  • Extended boat range

Thanks again to the wonderful Whales and Dolphins for sharing their amazing lives with us and our Guests. A very special thank you to our amazing Partner and Biologist Elisa for her efforts to ensure a premium Whale watching experience for our Guests. Finally, thank you to all our friends and guests who not only joined us but took the time to share their encounters on Trip Advisor that won us the Certificate of Excellence for whale watching in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!