Vallarta Whale Tour Report December 2016

This is the Whale Watch Vallarta sightings and activity report for December 2016. We enjoy posting these monthly trip reviews so guests can know what we are seeing and what whale watching in Puerto Vallarta is really like. As the only dedicated Whale Watching Company in Nuevo Vallarta, Whale Watch Vallarta offers the most complete and sustainable whale watching tours in Nuevo Vallarta.

December 2016 was a wonderful month with consistent sighting reports of Humpback Whales here in the bay. Humpback Whales are the species around which the Puerto Vallarta whale watching season revolves, which is a wonderful situation as Humpback Whales are often the most demonstrative of all the large whales.

In December 2016 we also had a great month of sighting reports of Dolphin Species observing; Rough-toothed Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins and our ever present Bottlenose Dolphins.

Additionally, during the month of December Whale Watch Vallarta reported the sighting of two different baby Humpback Whales, starting on December 5, 2016! This is outstanding as typically we only start to see the baby Humpback Whales at the end of December or beginning of January. We hope this is a good indicator of a season full of Mother and Baby Humpback whale pairs here in the bay of Puerto Vallarta.

To all of our guests who joined us this past December, a hearty Thank You! It is a wonderful privilege to share such amazing moments with you all.

To our staff of Marine Biologists and Captains – thank you too! It is your hard work and dedication that made Whale Watch Vallarta tours in the month of December 2016 very special! We look forward to January and sharing more amazing whale and dolphin encounters here in Puerto Vallarta.