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About Whale Watch Vallarta | Meet Our Crew

Whale Watch Vallarta is the only dedicated whale watching company located in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Founded by Marine Biologists and Conservationists Whale Watch Vallarta aims to offer the premium experience in small group, sustainable, non-invasive Whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta. We believe that responsible eco-tourism relies on operations that give something back by supporting whale and dolphin conservation efforts, marine mammal research, public awareness and education.

Mission Statement – To provide guests with fun, personal, educational and sustainable whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta while supporting Whale and Dolphin conservation locally and internationally.

All of our guides are bilingual English and Spanish speakers. Our team of Marine Biologist Guides bring dedication and passion for the whales and dolphins to each one of our tours. This unique operational structure offers our guests a wonderful opportunity to experience the beauty of Whales and Dolphins in a fun and educational setting. We focus on small groups on our tours to ensure all of our guests a great view, a wonderful experience and personal attention.

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Elisa is one of the founding partners in Whale Watch Vallarta after having spent the last 9 years living in and working with different whale watching operators in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. As a Marine Biologist her extensive experience and dedication to responsible whale and dolphin watching tours makes Elisa an excellent guide. We are sure you will appreciate the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm Elisa brings to all of her tours.

whale watch vallarta biologist guide lilia
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Lilia is the newest member of Whale Watch Vallarta’s family. Her biology studies and research with marine mammals in Mexico gives her an excellent background in this field. She is a passionate and enthusiastic guide who likes to share knowledge and awareness for the sea and its creatures. Her love for whales and dolphins makes her an exceptional partner to share this amazing experience in Nuevo Vallarta.

whale watching guide cristina puerto vallarta
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Cristina has joined the Whale Watch Vallarta team Guides bringing her Oceanography experience of Whale and Dolphin Research and University Studies here in Mexico to her tours. If you would like to learn about the behaviors and activities of the Dolphins and Whales encountered on your tours Cristina is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Guide. Cristina is fun, outgoing and loves to share her passion for the whales and dolphins of Puerto Vallarta.

whale biologist janneke
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Janneke is one of the founding partners in Whale Watch Vallarta. She is a Marine Biologist with a background in Marine Conservation and Photography. Janneke’s vision and planning help us bring our tours to be the most complete and dynamic in Puerto Vallarta. Janneke is randomly on the tours, so she might be there to enjoy the adventure with you!