Whale Watch Vallarta Joins Happywhale!

Whale Watch Vallarta is excited to announce our latest partnership in our research and conservation efforts of behalf of the whales we are so privileged to encounter here in Puerto Vallarta – meet Happywhale!

Whale Watch Vallarta was founded as the first dedicated whale watching company in Nuevo Vallarta in 2013 with the mission to provide fun, safe, educational and non-invasive whale watching tours while supporting whale conservation initiatives such as the Puerto Vallarta Humpback Whale Photo ID Project. This is an important project we have been pleased to be collaborating on during the 3 years of tours while our dedicated staff capture images of the Humpback whale tails on our tours.

humpback whale photo id projectHow does it work? Humpback whales have unique tails! With a high quality image of the underside of a Humpback whales tail we can differentiate one whale from each other. The tails are unique in the appearance of their; coloration, trailing edge and markings/scars. While our staff of Biologists take photos of all the amazing marine wildlife we encounter on our tours – these photos allow us to support the creation of a database of individual Humpback whales. This gives insights into Humpback whale characteristics such as; migration patterns, population and more!

As we enter our 4th season offering Puerto Vallarta whale watching tours we are very excited to announce our partnership with HappyWhale. Who is Happywhale? Their goal is:  “Happywhale engages citizen scientists to identify individual marine mammals, for fun and for science.” Happywhale is an online whale photo ID catalog open to the public as a way to get to know more about the whales and turn whale watching enthusiasts into citizen scientists. We are thrilled to be able to participate and support this open forum for advancing whale information sharing. We hope that many of our guests will join Happywhale and support their efforts.

Our Guide and partner Elisa is leading our efforts in our Humpback Whale Photo ID Catalog and collaboration with Happywhale and the local Humpback Whale Catalog. We wish to extend our sincere thanks for all the hard work Elisa does on behalf of Whale Watch Vallarta and the whales here in Puerto Vallarta.

whale watching tour guide elisaTo all of our guests and staff who have spent their time and efforts to support our whale watching tours, conservation and research projects over the years we wish to share with you this latest success! Thank you for your support! We are still encountering new and unknown Humpback Whales here in Puerto Vallarta on our tours, ever helping to expand the Puerto Vallarta Humpback Whale Photo ID catalog while supporting other whale conservation programs like Happywhale! We hope to see you all again soon.

Happy New Year from all of us at Whale Watch Vallarta.