Whale Watching Nuevo Vallarta 2014

While the official start to the 2014 Puerto Vallarta Whale Watching Season is December 8, 2013 – no one tells the whales that! Whale Watch Vallarta offers Marine Wildlife Tours throughout the year, and the last few weeks our guests have been treated to the arrival of numerous Humpback Whales as they arrive in the Bay of Banderas, Nuevo Vallarta.

While Whale Watch Vallarta is a new company operating in Nuevo Vallarta, our staff of Marine Biologist Guides have been leading Puerto Vallarta whale watching tours for 16 years combined!¬†Elisa and Anibal are our two main Biologists, Guides and Photographers. You can read many guests comments about Elisa when she worked with us in Cabo San Lucas leading Whale Watching Tours last year on the Whale Watch Cabo Trip Advisor Page. Elisa’s dedication to our guests helped Whale Watch Cabo earn our second Award of Excellence, two years running. We are sure you will love her passion and knowledge of the whales, the comfort of our boats and the small group tours we offer.

The Humpbacks arriving in the waters off Nuevo Vallarta at this time of year are largely juvenile whales, between the ages of 2 and 7 years old. These whales are following their biologically driven imperative to migrate south for the winter. While juveniles do not partake in the ‘festivities’ of adult whales (breeding competitions, heat races, etc) we have found the juveniles to be inquisitive and relaxed, often expressive – to the delight of our guests.

Whale Watch Vallarta’s tours over the past few weeks have been a mix of Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphin sightings. Occasionally, we have even seen the two species in close proximity. This is a bit unusual as species of cetaceans (Dolphins and Whales) are not known for interacting. The exception to the rule seems to be the Humpback Whale and Bottlenose Dolphin. Perhaps it is the resident population of Bottlenose Dolphins welcoming the Humpback Whales back to Puerto Vallarta after their long migration from Alaskan waters.

So the countdown is on to the official start of the 2014 Vallarta Whale Watching Season! In just less than one week we will begin running two Nuevo Vallarta whale watching tours per day, our departures are the only ones from the marina in Nuevo Vallarta and very easy to get to for guests staying in one of the Nuevo Vallarta Resorts. We depart from the Vallarta Yacht Club next to Paradise Village at the south end of Nuevo Vallarta. Hope to see you soon!