Whale Watching Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching in Puerto Vallarta with Whale Watch Vallarta and our expert team of Elisa and Trevor offers a unique experience for whale watching tours in Vallarta. How is what Whale Watch Vallarta offers different when it comes to whale watching in Puerto Vallarta?

We started with the Staff and Owners. Whale Watch Vallarta was founded by Marine Biologists, Naturalists, Professional Photographers and Marine Wildlife Conservationists as an alternative to the standard whale watching tours offered by the large commercially oriented tourism companies in Puerto Vallarta.

Whale Watch Vallarta is also the only dedicated Whale Watching Company in Nuevo Vallarta – this whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta is our specialty and the only thing we do! We are also a very small company owned and staffed by experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic Biologists and Naturalists who simply love sharing these amazing encounters with our delighted guests.

Next we chose the best type of boat for comfortable, fun and safe whale watching tours here in Puerto Vallarta. Vessels under 32 feet in length are less intrusive to the whales and as such we are allowed closer to the whales.

Our boats are also very much geared towards an easy entry and exit, and guest comfort on the seas with a canvas roof to avoid over exposure to the sun. 3 hours in the direct sunlight with the reflection of the sun off the water as well can leave you fried! So Whale Watch Vallarta’s boats have roofs. We even have small marine toilets because it is better to have a small one that not!

Now, on to the tours themselves. Whale Watch Vallarta pioneered the non-invasive approach to whale watching in Nuevo Vallarta. This rely’s on the knowledge and expertise of our Guides and Captains to observe the whales and ensure that we do not disturb their activity. One side affect of this approach has been longer, more natural encounters for our guests whale watching in Puerto Vallarta.

During the tours our Guides are also taking high quality photos that we offer to all of our Guests for free via DropBox a few days after the tour. We have the experience and equipment to take great photos while on a moving boat, this allows our guests to just sit back and relax, enjoying the encounters, knowing they will be getting great photos for free!

We also offer 3 different whale watching tour times in Puerto Vallarta so we can accommodate just about anyone’s schedule.

All put together we think you will agree that from the boat, to the staff, to our interaction guidelines and the service we offer our guests Whale Watch Vallarta offers a great value for whale watching Puerto Vallarta – did I mention you save 20% booking online?