Whale Watching Tours Puerto Vallarta

Whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta are soon to begin for the coming PV whale watching season of 2016! Lets say that all of us here at Whale Watch Vallarta are excited to welcome all the Humpback Whales back to Puerto Vallarta for another amazing winter season of amazing encounters.

Why do the Humpbacks return each year? The photo above tells it all, the Bay of Banderas is a favorite birthing bay for the Humpback Whales! We venture into the Humpback Whale Nursery every day starting December 1!

Whale Watch Vallarta has made some slight changes to our Puerto Vallarta Whale watching tours for the coming season. For starters we are very excited to introduce a new member to our team of Marine Biologists – Welcome to Cristina! Cristina completed her degree here in Mexico and has been working within Mexico since studying the Whales and Dolphins of Mexico. We know all of our Guests will love her outgoing personality, passion for everything Ocean and her knowledge that she will bring to each Puerto Vallarta Whale watching tour.

Our 3 hour small group and private boat Puerto Vallarta Whale watching tours will now be departing a bit later in the morning at 9:30am and at the same 1:30pm in the afternoon. This change is accommodate Guests who prefer to sleep in a bit and those visiting Puerto Vallarta on a Cruise Ship. Tours are available every day during the Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season from December 1 to March 23.

Another change is to the actual tour dates of the Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season. Considering the affects of El Nino on the Humpback Whales migration over the past years, and considering this is predicted to be the strongest El Nino in over 20 years the official start date for the PV Whale watching season was moved up a week and now begins on December 1.

At the time writing, November 20, we have already been seeing numerous Humpback Whales in the Bay surrounding Puerto Vallarta. We expect that by December 1 the population density of Humpback Whales in the Bay of Banderas should be significant enough that we will be able to continue with our Whale sightings success rate of…100% since day 1!

If you would like to join our Team of Marine Biologists in the next weeks leading up to the official Puerto Vallarta Whale watching season we are offering Marine Wildlife Tours focusing on all the amazing Marine Life here in Puerto Vallarta. We can expect to encounter the resident pod of Bottlenose Dolphins and lately there have also been Humpback Whales as well. Sea Turtles, Manta Rays, Sea Birds and more are also encountered on these tours.

We look forward to welcoming back many Guests from last year(s) and getting to know new friends and Whale Enthusiasts on our Whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta.