Best Whale Watching Tours in Puerto Vallarta

What elements go into the best whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta? The answer is not the same for everyone – that is for sure! Whale Watch Vallarta does its utmost to offer the best small boat, small group, Biologist and Naturalist led, Whale Watching Tours in Puerto Vallarta. What is our unique approach?

Local knowledge is the basis for all great marine wildlife excursions. Elisa, Founding Partner in Whale Watch Vallarta, Marine Biologist and Tour Leader has over 9 years experience with the whale and dolphins of Puerto Vallarta. There are very few others who can match her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm.

For our version of the best whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta we limit our group size on our boats to just 10 guests when our boats are registered for up to 16 guests – plus our boats have sunshade. You will see other boats with 30+ guests stuck in a seat for 3+ hours in the direct sunlight – but not on our boats.

Our philosophy supports our aim to offer the best whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta as well. There is a mixture of approaches, but with a strong basis in knowledge and experience, our Guides and Captains know that going the extra distance to find whales not surrounded by other boats will often result in longer more natural encounters with whales.

We feel this is a cornerstone of a respectful tourism company and ultimately ensures our guests the opportunity to have the best whale watching tour with us here in Puerto Vallarta.

So if small groups on a comfy boat with lots of room to move around on, led by a Marine Biologist/Naturalist and free tour photos sounds like your idea of the best whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta then I hope you will be joining us soon.